Earn Nano currency for playing Just Cause 2 Multiplayer


1. Install Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod

Just Cause 2 can be purchased directly from Steam:

Or via PlayNANO:


2. Connect to JC2RP

Start Just Cause 2: Multiplayer Mod and connect to the server via Server Browser - "Featured" tab - JC2RP.

3. Join any faction

Interact with recruiter NPC of the faction you wish to join. You will be able to switch factions later.

4. Provide a Nano address for faucet rewards

Press "M" key while in a faction, select the "Nano Address" option, enter your address and hit "Save".

This needs to be done only once per account.

5. Have fun playing!

Payouts are done automatically as small fractions of Nano proportional to the earned salary.

You can earn salary from participating in missions, capturing/defending territory (usually 10:20 UTC - 22:20 UTC), or from delivering components.

It's a sandbox game so you're free to do anything else, doing that will provide a smaller salary.


Donations to faucet are appreciated <3



Open in wallet

The payout ratio is:
0.2% of total faucet balance for each 1,000,000$ (virtual currency) earned from faction salary

(there is no minimum, you may divide both numbers above by 10, 100 etc.)

Need help or have any feedback?

Try checking if wiki has answers for your questions


Or reach out on Discord in the #help or #jc2rp channels

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JC2RP gamemode is made and run by keeri.

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