CS:GO - Nano tournament

Play to Earn Nano currency

CS:GO - Nano tournament

1. Download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Game is free and available on Steam:


2. Add Nano Tournament Server to list

Go to Servers - Add favorite - Input this IP:

Server currently offline on maintenance.



3. Enter password

Tournament is password protected. Password is valid for a certain period of time, then it changes to new. Current password is:


Please note that CS:GO needs to be launched first for password to work.

If you keep getting "Bad Password" message, then press this button to start the game:

Start CS:GO

Wait after game has started, then connect to server with latest password:

Connect with password

4. Register your nano address

Registering is done using in-game chat:

- Press "Y" button to open chat.
- Paste your public Nano address and press enter. There will be response that address is now registered.

This needs be done only once, it will stay between map changes or even quitting game and connecting back to server.


5. Have fun playing!

Gamemode is Arms Race. Winner of the round (who gets last kill with golden knife) receives Nano currency reward. Payout is automatic.

Reward is one the following:

Normal: 0.001 Nano
Uncommon: 0.002 Nano
Rare: 0.003 Nano
Gold: 0.004 Nano
Epic: 0.005 Nano

6. Donations + special feature

Tournament is free to play, but Nano donations are appreciated:



Open in wallet

As a special feature and thank you, gravity in map will be lowered after donation:


7. Need support or want to chat?

Join #Lobby in Nano Center discord.


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